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10% Coupon Code = BUY10



Easily Interchangeable
Calibration Components

Exceptional Vehicle

Made of Durable Stain resistant
Material and Easily Cleaned

Easy to Store
and Transport

Start Calibrating in Seconds

  • Fully collapsable design
  • Multi-function flat base with 360° rotating wheels for easy travel
  • Fine tunning adjustable arms
  • Five line laser and fine tuning switch
  • Small target design
  • Compatible with AVM, RCW, and BSD targets

ADAS Calibration Sensors

When is Calibration Required?

  • Windshield Replacement
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Tire Size Change
  • Related DTC is Present
  • Sensor or Mounting Bracket Replacement
  • Front Airbag Deployment If Deflected Off Windshield
  • ADAS-Related TSBs/Manufacturer Position Statement Requirements*
  • Mechanical Procedures Like Radiator And Condenser Repairs That Require Removal Of Front-Mounted Sensors

Vehicle Coverage


THINKADAS ELITE Included Components

ACC Reflector LAM05-02

Corner Reflector LAC05-03

Doppler Simulator LAC05-04

Honda-LDW LAM01-04-L

Honda-LDW LAM01-04-R

Honda-LDW LAM01-17

Honda-LDW LAM01-20

Hyundai/Kia-LDW LAM01-09

Mazda-LDW LAM01-10

Mazda-LDW LAM01-16-L

Mazda-LDW LAM01-16-R

Mercedes-LDW LAM01-01

Mitsubishi-LDW LAM01-19-L

Mitsubishi-LDW LAM01-19-R