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*Official Store - Free Standard Shipping on Vehicle Diagnostic Equipment


OBD2 Scan Tool Vehicle Diagnostic Equipment Code Reader Scanner for Engine, Transmission (A/T), ABS, & Airbag (SRS) - THINKSCAN 650

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The Thinkcar THINKSCAN 650 OBD2 Scanner, for ECM TCM ABS SRS Systems, EOBD, OBD II Car Diagnostic Scan Tool and Code reader is a must have tool for any mechanic shop or DIY individual because of its simple to use interface and functionality. This car scan tool can help read and clear codes for engine, transmission, ABS, and SRS. Reads and displays in graph numerous data streams for easy diagnostics. This car code scanner has a built in diagnostic code database. The quick access buttons make it easy to operate. No battery needed and because of its plug and play functionality. This OBD2 scan tool works with unlimited number of vehicles with OBD protocol. 

  • Screen Size: 3.5" Inches 
  • Read & Clear codes on Engine, Transmission (A/T), ABS, and Airbag (SRS) systems on all makes and all models (16 Pin)
  • Read, Graph, Record Live Data Streams for ABS, SRS, Transmission and Engine
  • Support for all 10 test modes of OBD II with Enhanced OBD II Mode 6
  • View freeze frame data and I/M Readiness monitor status
  • Retrieves generic and manufacturer specific codes, Current, Permanent & Pending
  • Retrieves Manufacturer Specific Enhanced Data for Domestic, Asian and European vehicles
  • Graph, record, and replay data in full color
  • Intuitive Interface and Button Operation with Sleek, Rugged Design
  • TFT True Color large color display
  • Color: Black
  • Product Type: OBD Scanner, OBD2 Scanner, Vehicle Diagnostic Tool
  • Compatible with 98% of vehicles with OBD protocol

OBDII Full Modes

  •  Mode 01—Request current powertrain diagnostic data.
  •  Mode 02—Request freeze frame information.
  •  Mode 03—Request emissions-related diagnostic trouble codes.
  •  Mode 04—Clear/reset emissions-related diagnostic information.
  •  Mode 05—Request oxygen sensor monitoring test results.
  •  Mode 06—Request on-board monitoring test results for specific monitored systems.
  •  Mode 07—Request emission-related diagnostic trouble codes detected during current or last completed driving cycle
  •  Mode 08—Request control of on-board system, test or component.
  •  Mode 09—Request vehicle information.
  •  Mode 0A—Request emissions-related diagnostic trouble codes with permanent status after a clear/reset emission-related diagnostic information service.

Special Functions

  • Read & Clear DTCs
  • I/M Readiness Status
  • Read Freeze Frame
  • Read DataStream
  • Read Vehicle Info
  • O2 Sensor Test
  • On-Board Monitors Test (Mode 6)
  • Control of the On-Board System
  • DTC Database Lookup
  • Data Graphing
  • Data Record and Replay
  • Manufacturer Enhanced Specific Functions:
  • Read/Clear DTCS
  • Data Streams & Data
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • ABS
  • SRS

Four System enhanced Diagnostic function (ENG/AT/ABS/SRS)

It is specially designed to add benefits of reading/clearing error codes and reading DataStream for 4 following systems:

  • ENGINE: Easily determine the cause of Check Engine Light, and turn off the warning light.
  • ABS: Perform various bi-directional tests to check the operating conditions of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and turn off the warning light.
  • TRANSMISSION: Retrieve the error information from Automatic Transmission (AT) which is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually.
  • SRS: Retrieve and clear codes in Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), and turn off the warning light.

Warranty Details 

  • Lifetime FREE update and no IP limitation

THINKSCAN 650 OBD2 Scanner

Compatible Vehicle Manufacturers

Chevrolet, Aston Martin, Audi, Benz, BMV, Chrysler, Citroen, Daewoo, Ferrari, Fiat, Honda, Jpisuzu, KIA, Land Rover, Marerati, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Porche, Renault, Rover, SAAB, Seat, SGM, Skoda, Smart, Sprinter, Subaru,Suzuki, Toyota, USA Ford, Volvo, VW Volkswagen, Hyundai, Peugeot, Ssangyong, GM General Motors, Auto Search, Demo.

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