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*Official Store - International Shipping Available
*Official Store - International Shipping Available


Report Printing Service (optional)

Modular Design

6 inches


Free Full System Diagnostic

PLATINUM S6 is an OE-level diagnostic tool produced by THINKCAR. Offers free full system diagnostic functions for mechanics, repair shops and DIYers.

28 maintenance reset function

PLATINUM S6 is an OE-level diagnostic tool produced by THINKCAR. Offers free full system diagnostic functions for mechanics, repair shops and DIYers.

Cover 98% passenger car makes globally

PLATINUM S6 offers free full system diagnostics for worldwide 98% car makes including American cars, Asian cars, Chinese cars, and European cars, etc.

Advanced Diagnostic Functions

Besides the basic full system diagnostic functions, PLATINUM S6 offers optional advanced diagnostic functions with OE-Level support.

PLATINUM S6 supports advanced special functions such as

Brake Pedal Position Learning

Cooling Oil Valve Calibration

Adjustment of injector injection quantities

Idle Learning

Fuel Composition Reset

CAN Bus Configuration Learning

Erase/Program All Key Fobs

Park Brake Calibration

AHS Shade Angle Adjustment

Power Balance

Exhaust Flap Adaption

Glow Plug

Relative Compression

Remote Keyless Entry

1. Different car makes offers different system functions. So each car’s special functions may be different.
2. Optional T-Code needed for advanced bi-directional functions.

Seven Functional Modules

Platinum S6 supports seven functional modules including scope box, thermal imager, battery tester, video scope, printer, worklight and tpms g1.

Useful,Professional,with Easy Operation

  • 100M bandwidth,4 channels
  • OSCILLOSCOPE Up to 1GSa/s of sampling rate,with 50Mpts record length

Quick Print Diagnostic Reports Anytime and Anywhere!

  • 3.1-inch (80mm) paper width, 1.2-inch/s 30mm/s) fast printing
  • Intelligent notification for refilling paper
  • Ultra-thick thermal coating, with contents retained for 10 years
  • Work with Module Dock as a wireless printer

Ultra-High Brightness LED Worklight!

  • 3-level brightness adjustment
  • 144 high-brightness LED lights
  • COB light source, 25000K white-light, long range illumination
  • Long life expectancy, up to 10,000 hours
  • Work with Module Dock

Identify Faults with Massive Data Comparison!

  • 320*240 ultra-high pixels, easy to view details
  • 32.126℉ (0.07℃) thermal sensitivity
  • Massive automotive heat maps for fault comparison

See Deeper & Clearer, with More Details in Narrow Spaces!

  • 1280*720 high definition
  • 59-inch (150cm) super long hardwired coil
  • 6 bright LED auxiliary lights
  • Water, oil and corrosion resistant, IP67 rated with alkali resistance

Innovative Battery Testing, Leave Traditional Way in the Past!

  • Integrated with ThinkTool HD screen for clearer display
  • High-precision data monitoring, with more accurate results
  • Support detecting battery voltage, resistance, service life, current and etc

Industries First Full Tire Pressure Tool Connected Via Bluetooth

  • TPMS can be diagnosed wirelessly via APP or diagnostic device
  • Read sensor ID, pressure and temperature
  • Read battery level condition

Unique Design

PLATINUM S6 is portable. The VCI is embedded in the tool and easy to take out,6 inches, One-hand grip design