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*Thinkcar Official Store - Free Standard Shipping On All Orders Within the Contiguous U.S.
*Thinkcar Official Store - Free Standard Shipping On All Orders Within the Contiguous U.S.




To protect Thinkcar Tech Inc. end-users and distributors proper rights, Thinkcar Tech Inc has issued regulations of the MSPR of Thinkcar Tech Inc. tools and equipment. ONLY Thinkcar Tech Inc authorized distributors and resellers has the legal rights to sell and confirm the retail price in certain region.  Each country or region MSRP may different according to the local transportation, currency, labor-cost. 

Recently we have noticed many competitors and unthorized resellers misleading the market by posting wrong quotation or unproper low price of Thinkcar Tech Inc. diagnostic tools in social media and other retail sites. Hence, Thinkcar Tech Inc. company remind the end-users do not trust any unauthorized channel and suggest to purchase when in doubt directly from Thinkcar Tech Inc. or an authorized distributors listed in

For any authorized seller malicious posting the wrong MSPR of Thinkcar Tech Inc. or reselling Thinkcar Tech Inc. diagnostic tools, Thinkcar Tech Inc. will take legal action to protect its legitimate rights and interests.

This page serves as an official disclaimer and statement. 

Warranty Claims

ONLY Thinkcar Tech Inc. tools and devices purchased from Thinkcar Tech Inc. official and authorized distributors carry a warranty from Thinkcar Tech Inc with sales and after-sales support. Thinkcar Tech Inc. does not provide end-users the tech support for tools or devices bought from an unauthorized sellers or dealer.